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On April 26th, 2024, ISA Director Lora Hofmann, CST, BSHA, had the honor of delivering the Keynote Speech for the annual Ivy Tech Community College Student Government Association Awards Banquet. 

As an alumni of the school’s Surgical Technology program and current Program Director, Lora was able to address the graduates on a personal level and share her experiences along her journey.  She described the many doors that have opened for her as a result of being an alumnus and the courage it takes to override self-doubt to confidently enter new stages in life.  Additionally, Lora described the importance of always having a certified surgical technologist in the room for all procedures and how the Surgical Technologist motto, Aeger Primo, has guided her not only in the operating room, but also in her career decisions. The commitment to always put the patient first has led Lora into an Educator role, Program Chair, and now a member of the Board of Director’s for the Indiana State Assembly where she continues to advocate for patient safety.

On April 12, 2024, ISA Director Lora Hofmann, CST, along with Clinical Coordinator, Jackie Ramsey, CST, served at the 2024 Grace Gala along with their 9 Ivy Tech Community College Surgical Technology students.

The Grace Gala (think Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine) is held each year at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Here the group volunteers for duties such as running the Karaoke room, Welcome committee, Crowns and Tiaras, Registration, paparazzi, and the ever important guest buddy for the evening.  This two night prom-like event for those in the community living with disabilities annually proves to be the “Best Party Ever” for those in attendance.  This event has quickly become a favorite for students and many graduates of the program return to give of their time to help those in their community.  All involved leave with a sense of pride in their community and the knowledge of the difference that can be made by sharing just a few hours of your time with others.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this amazing event, details are posted on Mount Pleasant Church Facebook page the beginning of each year or feel free to reach out to Lora Hofmann

ISA-AST Gives Back

Kate's Kart donation presentation.jpg
ISA donated $500 cash and $500 in books to Kate's Kart. 

Additionally, attendees made monetary donations throughout the conference providing total support in excess of $1000 for this initiative.  Great job, Indiana State Assembly!

"We hope to make the holidays a little warmer & brighter for those served by the Wheeler Mission."

Mimi Tammen, President 

Recently, Indiana State Assembly of AST made a donation and spent time talking with the employees and volunteers of Wheeler Mission of Indianapolis. 


For 125 years, Wheeler Mission has been a pillar in the Indianapolis community, providing help, hope, and healing to people in desperate need. What began as a single ministry for women has exploded into a multi-faceted organization that serves thousands of men, women, and children every year.


We look forward to working with them in the future and that they continue to make an everlasting difference within our community. Without the help of the entire Indiana State Assembly (yes, YOU!!!) this would not have been possible so THANK YOU!


If you would like to make a personal donation, please click the link below.

Our Amazon wish lists have our most-needed items and can be shipped directly to us. Check them out here!

Donations can be brought to the ISA Fall conference on September 16th. The following items are the most needed:

  • Clothing & Household Items
    Wheeler accepts donations of clothing and household items in clean and good condition. You may drop off your donations at our various drop-off locations around Indianapolis. Click to view our drop-off locations. We commonly accept the following items: Clothing – men’s, women’s, children’s, accessories New underwear (men, women, children) Hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc.) Footwear – shoes, boots, shower shoes, socks Outerwear – coats, hats, scarves, gloves Books, records, CDs, DVDs House wares – dishes, kitchen utensils, lamps, working small appliances Knickknacks Furniture–dressers, tables, chairs, sofas Domestics–curtains, linen, bedspreads, blankets, etc. Sporting goods Games and toys Stuffed animals
  • Food
    We rely on food donations–both perishable and non-perishable–to help feed the thousands of men, women, and children who come through our doors hungry and in need of help! We gladly accept any fresh or prepared food, provided the food meets certain preparation and storage guidelines. Prepared food donations must be prepared or stored in a commercial kitchen. The food must not have been previously served and should be handled properly and kept at the proper temperature at all times. Large food donations should be brought to 520 E. Market Street. For questions and to arrange a large food donation, please contact our Director of Food Service, Colin Kirby, at, or 317.687.6795. Our most needed food items are: Coffee Sugar – bulk and packets Ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish Oatmeal – bulk or individual Fruit cups Pudding cups Pepper, salt (bulk), garlic & onion powder Italian seasoning Salad dressing – Italian, Ranch, French Spaghetti sauce or pasta/tomato sauce Penne pasta, elbow macaroni, spaghetti, noodles Diced tomatoes Baked beans Canned fruit Canned vegetables Canned condensed soups (i.e., cream of mushroom, chicken, or celery) Food donations can be dropped off at our Shelter for Men (520 E. Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46204) during business hours or our Men’s Residential Center (245 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46201) during non-business hours. Summary of The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act
  • Vehicles
    Wheeler accepts donations of cars, trucks, vans, mini-buses, boats, tractors, and heavy construction equipment. Sorry — we draw the line at trains. For tax deduction information about such donations, see below. To donate any vehicle, please email or call Perry Hines at (317) 635-3575 first. To donate a car, van, or truck, here’s what you need to know: Wheeler can accept any such vehicle, running or not. The person who owns the vehicle, possesses a clear title, and has the keys should be the one who calls. You may deliver your vehicle to us, or if it is in the Central Indiana area, we can arrange to pick up your vehicle. Vehicles that could not be used for ministry will be sold at auction with proceeds benefiting those Wheeler serves. You will receive a donation receipt. Tax Deduction Information: Wheeler is a qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organization and according to the IRS, you can deduct the fair market value of your vehicle when you itemize your deductions. How do you estimate the fair market value? We are not able to; however, the IRS publication 561 offers this advice: Say “the ‘blue book’ value of a car like yours is $1,600 in good condition. However, your car needs extensive repairs. After checking with repair shops and used car dealers, you find that the car should sell for $750. You may use $750 as the FMV of the car.” There is no limit on how many vehicles you may donate during a year, but if the fair market value of the vehicle(s) is $5000 or greater you must file the IRS Form 8283 with your tax return. Here are some links to the Kelly Blue Book and the NADA Guide to get you started. It’s also wise to compare your vehicle to similar ones for sale in the area; check out, and/or to see what price yours is bringing.
  • Other Large Items
    Wheeler accepts all kinds of large donations, including furniture, appliances, building materials, etc. We commonly accept the following large items: Appliances – washers, dryers, refrigerators, cook stoves, window air conditioners, etc. Computer and office equipment (call 536.7522 for details) Bicycles Power tools Lawn tools and equipment Flat-screen TVs and electronics View our Frequently Asked Questions below. Q: Can Wheeler Pick up my donation? A: At this time, Wheeler Mission is able to pick up certain donations. For more info, please click here. Q: Does it have to be like new? A: Items don’t have to be new, but they must be clean and in good condition. We don’t have the resources to fix or clean donations. We may decline any donation that doesn’t meet these minimal requirements. Q: What does Wheeler accept? A: We accept donations of home furnishing and appliances in good condition, clean clothing, household items, toys and games, books and magazines, but also things like lawn & garden tools, charcoal grills, and some building supplies. Sometimes we accept commercial appliances and office furniture. Please call 317.646.2624 if you have a question.
  • Appreciated Assets
    Gifting appreciated assets (i.e. real estate, publicly traded securities) can benefit both you and Wheeler Mission. We’re able to discuss your options and walk you through the process. Click for more details.
  • What we cannot accept
    We are unable to accept the following items: Used box springs, mattresses, and waterbeds Any type of building material (windows, doors, screening, etc.) Paint, household chemicals, insecticides, etc. Used car parts Pianos and organs (synthesizer keyboards are accepted) Tube TVs, console TVs, or console stereos Appliances that malfunction in any way Used dishwashers Used pillows Used tires Hospital beds Used carpet Used cribs Any item we deem unsalable in our thrift store
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